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Heat & Glare Reduction

The range of window film will
  • reject solar heat energy from 31% up to 83%
  • reduce glare from 28% up to 95%
  • reject UV rays by 99%.
Decrease glare and increase comfort
Glare is light.  People are affected in different ways to glare.  Lower glare can reduce eye-strain and headaches, and therefore provide a healthier environment to live and work in.
Glare reduction window film is effectively like having sun glasses on your windows, and is ideal for areas where direct or reflected sunlight is a problem, such as
  • computer, projector or TV screens
  • high triangular windows or skylights where blinds are difficult to fit
  • having a work space close to a window, or
  • where an unobstructed view is required.
The films are available with varying amounts of glare reduction.A darker shade of window film will have a higher reduction of glare. The darkest shade will reduce glare by 93% while still allowing the occupant to view the outside.
Free advice and film shade samples
Our installers are happy to advise on the choice of window film for your situation. You will be shown a variety of shades of window film to ensure you get the right shade for your situation.
Glare reduction films are very useful where the sun reflects off water and roof tops; and is commonly used on the high windows in schools to reduce the glare onto projector screens.
Windows are a major source of heat gain, making living and working conditions very uncomfortable.
Reduce solar heat gain by up to 83%
Heat reduction films will absorb and reflect the sun’s infra-red radiation (heat energy) thus reducing the solar heat load on the building.  The lighter shades of window film will only reduce the heat energy by a small amount, whereas a reflective shade will reject up to 83% of the sun’s total solar heat energy.
Provide thermal insulation as well with Enerlogic Film
The Enerlogic film VEP35 is able to provide year round comfort by
  • rejecting total heat energy by 76% and
  • reflecting 92% of the inside room heat back into the room therefore reducing heat loss and keeping your home warmer in winter.
Enerlogic Films – gives your windows double glazing insulation
Enerlogic® Window films has been designed with the equivalent thermal performance to double glazing at almost a THIRD of the price, delivering maximum energy efficiency throughout each and every season .
Enerlogic Window Films will reduce the heat transfer through standard glass by up to 42%, thus bring the thermal performance of your windows up to double glazing * standard.
It comes in 2 shades - very light and medium:
Very Light Shade – VEP70
The very light shade will let in the sun's warmth and provide the windows with insulation which directs the radiant heat from the home's heating system back into the room, thus reducing the heating energy bill during the winter.
Medium Shade – VEP35
The medium shade will both provide insulation during the winter and will reflect the sun's intense heat away from the windows, thus improving comfort and reducing energy bills during both seasons.
NOTE:  *3mm glass / 6mm air space / 3mm glass double
Performance Benefits
  • Enerlogic® Window Films can reduce heat transfer through standard window glass by up to 42%
  • Enerlogic® Window Films performs 4 times better than regular or standard solar films
  • Enerlogic® Window Films an average annual insulation improvement of 92%
  • No replaced glass, frames and leftover material to add to landfill
  • Complies with WERS 6 star rating requirements
Typically single glazed windows account for between 26% (for an un-insulated home) and 48% (for an insulated home) of heat loss from a house. 'Therefore the revolutionary EnerLogic window insulation films will significantly add to your overall home insulation performance.
Click here to go to the Enerlogic® Window Films website.


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